4/18/05 Soccer has baseball beat in one criti…

4/18/05 Soccer has baseball beat in one critical area: Mascots.

Over the weekend, expansion Chivas USA of MLS *unveiled* a mascot. And so did the MLB Nationals.

Case closed (OK, she’s not the mascot, but close):

Memo to the Nats:

When you name your next mascot, you might avoid:

A) making it look like a soon-to-be chicken nugget.

B) naming it after one of the stupidest characters in the history of television.

Update by Flash Warner:
Streaking, a curiously British phenomenon, is most often done by hairy, unfortunate looking men who shamelessly flop their way across soccer pitches. Female streakers are few and far between, so the writers of YesButNoButYes have chosen to fashion a rundown of the Top 10 Female Streakers.

Those aren’t bad but none can top the streaking goal scorer - the greatest of all time (link NSFW)