400k For Jets Tickets, Buyer’s Remorse Imminent

$400,000 is a lot of money. Imagine all the things you could do. Get a summer house down at the shore. Take that European vacation you’ve always wanted. Eat filet mignon with supermodels every day and wipe your mouth with a $100 bill. Or go watch the Jets play for all eternity. Yes, one man actually shelled out four hundred grand to live out what sounds like my own personal hell.

Joe Namath and David Findel

(Despite the photo, Findel did not spend the $400,000 at a kissing booth.)

David Findel, owner of a mortgage-lending company (which means he might as well have made his fortune selling the organs of homeless orphan children), dropped some serious bank for two personal seat licenses at the new Meadowlands Stadium. If that sounds like a bargain to you, I hope you choke on your sound investment strategies and large charitable gifts, Mr. Buffett. But keep in mind that Findel still has to shell out $14,000 a year for the tickets themselves. And he has to watch the Jets.

Findel won the tickets in an auction last week, with the money going not to charity as you might expect, but to Woody Johnson. For his winning bid, Findel gets two front-row seats on the 50-yard-line, parking, free food and booze, and a separate VIP entrance so he doesn’t have to mingle with the rest of you plebs. Even better, he gets access during the game to a special on-field terrace, where, judging from the artist’s conception, he will be ignored by Jets players.

New Jets Stadium

(”Wow, honey! From here you can really see how much they suck.”)

“I am amazed in the interest since I purchased them - how many people want to buy them for more than I purchased them for,” Findel said, probably lying.

The rights to the next-best seats, those just two feet to the left, or behind Findel’s seats, sold for only $70,000 apiece. With that kind of business acumen from the head of a mortage-lender, it is any surprise our economy is in the shape it is?