40,000 Dimes To Show Up At Kobe Bryant’s Party?

The black entertainment blogs and message boards are buzzing about NBA all-star weekend in Dallas, with one of the hottest topics of that convo a supposed Kobe Bryant-hosted party on Saturday night.

Show Magazine Solei

(I wish)

TMZ.com reports that “reps” from the magazine and party venue have insisted they have a deal with Bryant that contractually obligates him to show up.

Kobe Bryant All Star Game Party Tickets Cost $4,000

(No Laker logo? Coulda had it by dropping V.I.P. on O.D.B. (Ol’ Doc Buss))

I’ve got an email in to the publisher of Show Magazine, Sean Cummings, but have yet to hear back on the status of the party. That said, with the ticket prices apparently being charged for the event, I hope for the personal safety of those overseeing the event that Bryant shows up.

Tickets are being offered for as much as $4,000 apiece at a venue touted as having a capacity of 7,000.

Kobe Bryant All Star Game Party Tickets Cost $4,000

Yep Kobe, bit of a head scratcher.

All of the “early-bird” $50 tickets are supposedly sold out, so just to get into the event you’ve got to apparently drop down a hundy. But for these sorts of things, I’d be surprised if most of those who actually show pay $100 or more.

I’m thinking the crowd will more resemble an airline cabin, where most get a deal and a few last-minute desperates get gouged.

If Bryant does show, injured ankle and all, you would think it would be for nothing more than a flash photo-op and “thanks for the envelope” stop-off.

Meanwhile, we’re getting the obligatory questions from the media about if Bryant should show his face at such an event. Yes, the juxtaposition of Bryant with stripped-down women is awkward, especially in the context of his wife and daughters.

But for a main media that reports sexually suggestive material in every day part, it’s laughable for it to pass judgement on an NBA baller hitting a risque party for an hour or three to pull down some serious paper.

UPDATE: Show Magazine models in the first photo: Vanessa and Solei.