4 Youths Arrested For Stealing Ripken “8″ Statue

Eight is enough … to get you in trouble with the law after you try to steal a statue from outside a MLB ballpark. But that’s what happened to four Baltimore-area teens when they attempted to take off with a statue outside of Camden Yards dedicated to Orioles great Cal Ripken, Jr.

Cal Ripken 8 statue

Yes, that is the statue in question above. It is not a life-size portrait or even a bust of Ripken, but simply the number 8. Who exactly would want to swipe a giant “8″, anyway? Were the foursome going to try and sell it on eBay? Were they hoping to start a bidding war between the Ripken family & the Super 8 hotel chain?

The BALTIMORE SUN reports that the theft was called in around 10:47 last night, and an APB was soon set out to local cops to be on the lookout for vehicles hauling large numerical items:

Police discovered that the theft had been captured on surveillance video and a lookout was broadcast for a pickup truck. About an hour later, police responded to a call for men acting disorderly at Lombard and Elwood streets in East Baltimore. When officers arrived, (police spokesman Anthony) Guglielmi said they saw the pickup truck and the No. 8 statue in the back.

The brain trust of the attempted heist have been identified as Matthew Rayner, 20, of Essex; Jason Stone Buner, 19, of Essex; Patrick Reynolds, 18, of Essex; and Gary Parker, 19, of Southeast Baltimore. The foursome are facing charges of theft and destruction of property.

Still, it did take some powerful strength to rip the mighty “8″ statue off its mount. Or maybe not - police spokesman Guglielmi says the statue is lighter than it appears because it’s hollow inside.

Much like Orioles fans feel these days.