3 Yrs Left On Deal, Hawkins Requested Extension

Appropriate that Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins calls Boulder home as the coach recently proved he has some series stones.

Dan Hawkins

(No road wins in 147 weeks, 3-9 last year, 16-33 … okay, I’ll stop)

Kyle Ringo of the The BOULDER (CO) DAILY CAMERA reports that Hawkins, who is under contract until 2012 and has gone 16-33 in his career at CU - 3-9 last season - recently confirmed on the record that he had requested a contract extension.

In a meeting of head coaches in the Colorado athletic department earlier this summer, a senior staff member asked the Buffs` head football coach if there was one thing the department could do to help his program succeed this season, what would it be? Multiple sources in the room that day told the Camera Hawkins responded by saying the school could give him a contract extension.

Nearly as stunning as his tone deaf request was Hawkins confirming the conversation on the record.

Hawkins confirmed the story after practice Wednesday. When asked why he chose to answer the question the way he did, he said, “Just the continuity, stability.”

When Ringo cited the fact that Hawkins still had three years left on his contract, Hawkins said, “To some degree. But you`re talking to recruits and guys on your team and all that kind of stuff.”

Sadly, Ringo did not also query Hawkins about why his Buffs haven’t won a road game in 147 weeks … and counting.

Ringo reported that in response to the request, Colorado Athletic Director Mike Bohn indicated, “he hasn’t had any discussions with Hawkins about an extension and there are no plans for such a discussion.

Bohn quote:

“Speculation about coach`s tenure is always a delicate issue.Our process involving approval from the chancellor followed by approval from the Board of Regents is well documented, and I have great confidence and respect for our long-term contracts.

“We support Dan and we will evaluate him and the football program at the end of the season just as we do with all of our coaches.”

Speaking of stones, that was a rather diplomatic response by Bohn considering it was widely reported last year that Hawkins went over Bohn’s head to the school chancellor and board of regents to save his job after a 3-9 2009 season.