27th Anniversary of 1980 US Olympic Hockey Miracle On Ice With Original Radio Call

MIRACLE WHIP OF SOVIETS NEVER SEEMS TO SPOIL: Today marks the 27th anniversary of the U.S. Olympic Hockey team’s Miracle On Ice.

1980 Olympic Eruzione goal

For those who yearn to relive America’s finest sports moment sans Al Michaels, here’s a different audio perspective: running commentary by ABC Radio sports reporter Curt Chaplin, who was covering the game from a camera platform at the Lake Placid rink:

And from an amusing point-of-view, here’s how the final seconds play out as pictured on Nintendo’s old NES system:

Miracle on Ice by NES

In the HBO documentary ‘Do You Believe In Miracles?’, the momentous significance of the game isn’t lost on team captain and game hero Mike Eruzione, who scored the winning goal: ‘As my friends say to me to this day, 3 more inches to the left, you’d be painting bridges.’

Also metioned in the program, the Olympic organizers tried to move the scheduled game start from 5 p.m. Eastern to a later 8 p.m. But the Soviets refused, so the contest was shown on tape-delay.

Thus, the eagerly anticipated matchup between Cold War superpowers wasn’t broadcast live on prime time network TV for millions to view. Much like today’s NHL.