300-lb. Andre Smith Goes Missing At NFL Combine

Former Alabama offensive lineman Andre Smith is a surefire Top 10 NFL pick. He’s big as a house (he checks in on the scale between 270 and 330 pounds), he’s fast and he has a heck of a mean streak. Unfortunately, he also has no discipline, which is why he’s finding himself back under the microscope of public attention at the NFL Scouting Combine, primarily because he’s gone missing from the event all together.

andre smith

(How, exactly, can you lose sight of this mammal?)

According to SI.com’s Tony Pauline, Smith — a 270-pound man mountain — vanished into thin air this morning in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. When NFL officials scrambled to find him, they were eventually informed that he had flown back to Atlanta to resume workouts, according to his agent, Alvins Keels. Fat chance that’s the real reason, though Smith is fat enough while out of shape to significantly improve those odds via his body mass alone.

That Keels is even at the combine representing Smith is a topic of debate in itself. Keels is openly Smith’s current agent, but he wasn’t even listed as the lineman’s representative when materials about the prospects were handed out to team officials. Add to that an open belief that Smith will eventually hire Alabama coach Nick Saban’s personal agent, Jimmy Sexton, according to PROFOOTBALLTALK.com.

In the meantime, Smith’s decision not to work out because he “was out of shape,” his mysterious disappearance and complete confusion over who his agent actually is only further weaken his plummeting draft stock. Once seen as a top-2 pick, there are now doubts whether he will even be among the top three offensive linemen in the final analysis of draft prospects, and some of the movers and shakers in the draft analysis world are already letting their voices be heard.

“I’m dropping him down on my list,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said. “You don’t show up in shape for the biggest job interview of your life. You don’t lift. You don’t run. You don’t show up. It’s the worst thing you can do. How can you not show up in shape for this? … The minute he got away from the Saban umbrella, look what happened.”

Ouch. That sounds like a “mid-first round at best” assessment to us. That’s a long way for a guy once seen as the top prospect in the draft to fall, but then again, he’s always been much bigger. It makes sense that he would fall harder.

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