St. Paul Saints Embrace Twitter In A Very Odd Way

Technology marches on: As you know, the Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco and the Bucks’ Charlie Villanueva have been banned from using Twitter during games, and the T-Wolves’ Kevin Love recently got into trouble for blabbing about team business via Tweeting. The St. Paul Saints independent minor league baseball team doesn’t think that’s fair, and they’re fighting back.

For their game on July 23 at Midway Stadium, the Saints are encouraging all players and coaches to Twitter and update their Facebook pages during the game. This is a revolutionary concept that just may change sports as we know it, or at the very least provide endless entertainment during the next Joe Mikulik tirade.

The promotion will include, I hear, Saints pitching coach Jason Verdugo actually tweeting during a trip to the mound.

Other players and coaches are expected to tweet from the dugout.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on the intimate relationship between our fans and players,” said Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Derek Sharrer.  “This takes it to a whole new level.”

Fans will get to see the Saints updated facebook, MySpace and twitter pages during the game displayed on the Saints videoboard.  Fans will check out the live status of Saints players.  For example, when Saints first baseman Jason Cooper comes to bat, his facebook status may appear on the videoboard stating “Jason Cooper is…at the plate” or “Jason Cooper is…upset at that last strike call.”

Or, “Jason Cooper has been cut…is surprised to be selling used cars in Dayton.”

Fans and front office personnel will also be Tweeting, making this possibly the most completely-covered game in baseball history. This just possibly could kill newspapers once and for all.

It all happens on the team’s Twitter page, and also over at their Facebook and MySpace pages.

Still not as good as the Sister Bobblehands Massaging Nun toy giveaway.