23 Florida State Athletes Guilty of Online Cheating

SNEAKY SEMINOLES CAUGHT CHEATING ON ONLINE EXAMS: The NCAA will soon be on the warpath with Florida State, as the school has admitted to cheating by some of its players:

Chief Osceola Florida State Test Cheating

The TAMPA TRIBUNE reports 23 “student-athletes” were found to have committed “academic dishonesty” during their “classes”. The crux of the investigation centers on two “athletic tutors” who supposedly supplied answers to online tests and quizzes during the 2006-07 school year.

Two of the Tallahassee cheats belonged to Bobby Bowden’s boys, but they haven’t played a down this season, due to an earlier verdict of “violation of team rules”. And as the Tribune article points out, of the 23 two-timers, “none play men’s basketball or baseball.”

Florida State helmets Dr. Pepper 23

It appears the Seminole revenue sports may be safe from any serious infractions. So, what’s the big deal then?