Cavs Fans Out Of Luck & Cheap Pizza By Dinner?

Northeast Ohio residents hoping to take advantage of Papa John’s 23-cent pizza offer as their evening meal better have Domino’s on standby.

Papa Johns Pizza

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER serves up news that the pizza chain may run out of pies by dinnertime. Today’s 23-cent special was in response to Papa John’s sponsorship of LeBron James’ “Crybaby” shirts during the Cavs’ first-round series vs. the Wizards.

But those hoping to snack on a Sicilian Classic while watching tonight’s Game 2 against the Celtics better find alternate eating options:

The eighty-six stores in Northeast Ohio, Columbus, Toledo and Youngstown were prepared to sell more than 900 pies each. Oops.

Because they’re making about 300 an hour to satisfy the 90-minute-long lines … by the time 5 p.m. rolls around, the stores will probably have each sold 2,000. And likely, they’ll be out.

The horror! What will we dip in our extra packets of garlic sauce now?

On a side note, it’s too bad that LeBron isn’t out delivering these pizzas. As INTENTIONAL FOUL points out, King James hasn’t been too generous with the wait staff.

So, this could have been a great chance to stiff him back, a la Roy Williams. But to be fair, LeBron hasn’t been very good at deliveries lately, anyway.

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