Oregon Duck: “I wish I could block whites as friends”

Here’s Oregon senior football player Jamere Holland’s response to my post about his Facebook update on current Ducks player Kiko Alonso this morning:

Jamere Holland Facebook update: Wants on whites as friends

chilln thinking of another status to f— with the readers heads, I wish I could block whites as friends and only have blacks LOL, cause apparently I’m misunderstood

Holland’s Facebook post came a few minutes after this was posted on Twitter by an Oregon supporter:

Mighty Oregon Tweets

Both of Holland’s comments (#1, #2) were public (not part of his private account) and were transcribed word-for-word on SbB.

Holland played under Chip Kelly and Mike Bellotti at Oregon. Bellotti, who is now athletic director at the school, said last week of the Oregon football program:

I think we do a very good job of trying to educate those young men and young women as to the right things to do. And sometimes people make mistakes. We’ll let the legal system run its course and then obviously we’ll step in and do what’s necessary.