200 Falcons Fans At Georgia Dome Show Support For Michael Vick

HERE’S SOME RINGERS FOR OJ’S NEXT PUBLIC APPEARANCE: The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports Sunday 200 discriminating Falcons fans turned out at the Georgia Dome to “to condemn the country, the media, Nike and, most of all, the Atlanta Falcons for treating Michael Vick like a dog.

Michael Vick Fans

Your Highlights:

Sign seen at the event: “We Support Vick a Human Being Over Dogs.”

Hiram Melvin: “Look at what he has done for this city — he’s made this city a ton of money every Sunday. This dogfighting has been going on for years. It’s not something that just started. It’s not a big deal.

Rod Green: “I don’t like the double standard they have with Vick. They look the other way in these other cases and they castrate Vick.

And our favorite, from the “New Order National Human Rights Organization”, which “is calling for a boycott and protest of Falcons games until Vick returns to the field — and season-ticket holders in the crowd plan to demand their money back.”

Michael Vick

And since no one (surprisingly) referenced The Almighty coming to Vick’s defense, we’ll leave that to Vick himself.