20-Parent Preschool Brawl Over Laker Fbook Post

The VICTORVILLE (CA) DAILY PRESS reports this week that two women were charged with criminal offenses after their argument over a Lakers Facebook post led to a 20-parent brawl at a Kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Kindergarten Parents Brawl Over Lakers Facebook Post During Graduation

Queiona Burt, 31, of Victorville and Marina Ruth Vargas, 29, of Hesperia were charged with interference with peaceful conduct on campus and unlawful acts committed at school grounds, according to court records.

If convicted, they could face up to six months in jail on the former count and up to 90 days in jail or a $400 fine on the latter count.

The two women got into an argument on June 23 at Puesta del Sol Elementary in Victorville over a Facebook comment about the Los Angeles Lakers, according to Burt. It developed into a physical fight and several men jumped in, turning the incident into a brawl.

Queiona Burt though told the newspaper that she wasn’t the person who touched off the massive melee.

No, that would be her grandmother.

According to Burt, she, her 3-year-old son and a friend were outside the cafeteria where the ceremony was being held when she was approached by Vargas.

Burt said they began to argue about the comments made by Vargas and Burt’s grandmother on Facebook when Vargas allegedly attacked her.

The friend stated Vargas and several other people then began to attack Burt, grabbing her by her leg and dragging her across the field.

If only the Clippers could engender such passion amongst their fans.

Though perhaps this is a sign that all those years of Donald Sterling allegedly tearing it up on AdultFriendFinder will soon pay off.