Two People Shot After USA-Mexico Soccer Match

So much for being an international “friendly”. The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that two people were shot after Wednesday night’s US-Mexico soccer match.

US Mexico soccer

Over 70,000 fans showed up at Reliant Stadium to watch the Americans & Mexicans battle to a 2-2 tie. Witnesses said they saw police & emergency medical personnel gathered outside the west entrance of the stadium.

Although police are still investigating what happened, it’s not totally surprising that tempers would flare in what’s become a heated rivalry.

Paul Oberjuerge of the SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SUN details the ill will between players & fans of both countries. Many Mexicans still don’t see the U.S. at their same soccer level, blaming any losses to the Americans on other factors besides being outplayed. This despite the fact that the U.S. now has a 9-2-2 record against Mexico in the past decade.

Meanwhile, even if many Americans don’t watch the game, they get p.o.’ed upon hearing that Mexican fans booed the Star-Spangled Banner. And of course, there’s the whole illegal immigration issue that causes tensions on both sides of the border.

Mexican soccer fans

All this anger - even though a lot of the games don’t even count.