11/16/03 Meet new SbB Girl Marisa: …

11/16/03 Meet new SbB Girl Marisa:

The aspiring actress is a native Chicagoan and tabs the "old school" Mark Grace as her favorite athlete. Two of her favorite pastimes: Drinking and gambling!
Talk about a dream girl.

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The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports the jilted former boyfriend of the current wife of Dodger Jayson Werth "has inundated Werth’s family and friends with letters since 2001, alleging the ballplayer is unfaithful to his wife Julia and doesn’t deserve to be married to her."

The offending individual, Ryan Root, sent letters that "threatened to expose pictures and videotapes of Werth having sex with other woman - one of whom was pregnant with his child, the lawsuit states."

More Root: "He’s a deceitful, egotistical ass who uses his lies and professional career to sleep with young women. I’ve spent nearly $20,000 documenting every move this sleazeball has made."

Werth is now suing Root for libel and demanding he pay for "the damage they’ve brought to his family."