100 Year Anniversary of the Rat Portage Thistles winning the Stanley Cup

RATS OFF TO YA, 100-YEAR-OLD STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS: While the NHL playoffs ramble on, here’s a tiny tidbit about the smallest town to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup:

Rat Portage Thistles

An article in Canadian history magazine THE BEAVER (No, I’m not making this up), tells the story of the Rat Portage Thistles (again, not making this up) and their attempts to bring the Cup to their little outpost in the Ontario woods.

Rat Portage, Ontario

Although their first two attempts ended up empty-handed, this ‘Hoosiers-meets-Hosers’ squad finally prevailed in 1907, as the re-named Kenora Thistles defeated the Montreal Wanderers.

This blast-from-the-past should provide some inspiration for San Jose Sharks right winger Jonathan Cheechoo - the pride & joy of Moose Factory, Ontario.