• MVN’s HOG HEAVEN leashes in an interview of…

• MVN’s HOG HEAVEN leashes in an interview of Redskin RB Clinton Portis barking out at those dogging Michael Vick:

Clinton Portis Michael Vick and dog

• Thanks to the lawyers of Pacman Jones, TIMES OF NEW YORK (not affiliated with the New York Times) presents some of its favorite NFL arrests over the last 5 years.

• HI-PLAINS DRIFTER found some folks who actually cared about the recent Rockies-Royals series: the fine people of the Cornhusker State.

• CAN’T STOP THE BLEEDING gets the dish on the Cavs’ Damon Jones ciao-ing down with some female Italian journalists:

Damon Jones Ramona Chorleau

• HALOS HEAVEN gets the stink on lovable Dodger Jeff Kent poo-pooing the Angels sweep in the Freeway Series.

• WITH LEATHER adds in that Sean Casey also isn’t thrilled about interleague match-ups, even though his Tigers just swept the Cardinals.

• DIGITAL HEADBUTT reminds all players of the importance of adequate protection:

Groin first into goal

• FIVE TOOL TOOL is mad at Dontrelle Willis for keeping the Yankees out of the basement.

• STEROID NATION sprints ahead with the news that a 36-year-old drug-disgraced runner is trying to make a comeback.

• BABES LOVE BASEBALL invite you to bask in the glory of others’ youth in voting for the best baseball rookie card.