Having revealed a gambling addiction that h…

Having revealed a gambling addiction that has put him in excess of $50M in debt, John Daly has a way to get things under control. He’s going to start at the $25 slots in the casinos and set a “walkout loss number” that tells him it’s time to leave.

John Daly: The Picture of Restraint

HOLYFIELD FLOORED - AGAIN: Having apparently tired of constantly hitting the canvas, Evander Holyfield is hitting the floor of a different sort, in a reality series called "Dancing With The Stars." I wish I was kidding. br>

USA TODAY reports Holyfield will be paired with pro dancer Edyta Sliwinska in a ballroom dancing contest that will be judged by a panel of experts and TV viewers, with one couple eliminated each week.

Based on his recent *fights*, Holyfield is much more likely to show his dancing prowess in the squared circle than trying to cut a rug with a ballroom cutie.The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that ABC for some strange reason is "pitching the show at young men," with the network running promos on ESPN during NBA playoff games. Based on Holyfield’s pic on his bio page for the show, I’d say he fits better on a different ABC reality series.