’s travel section (yep, it has one)…’s travel section (yep, it has one) has a pretty cool feature for those looking to plan some fall weekends around football. “Power Weekends” are highlighted in and around 10 major cities, where pro and college teams are home on back-to-back days. So, you can see the UCLA-Washington and Giants-Seahawks in one trip to Seattle, or Harvard-Penn and Redskins-Eagles in Philadelphia. Or you can just follow Lee Corso around and tell him he’s a penis.


DRIVE-HER: Speed Channel’s new reality show "I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver" debuted last night.

During the show, fans compete for the chance to go out with NASCAR Late Model driver Leilani Munter.

The hook for Munter? Fine dining at a Wal-Mart McDonald’s, followed by a nightcap of noodling.