Though late to the party, the Rev. Jesse Ja…

Though late to the party, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is finally involved in the Barry Bonds situation. He says Major League Baseball and the San Diego police failed to protect Barry Bonds and should be trying to find out who threw a syringe at him Monday night.”That fan should have been arrested,” Jackson said. “That object could have had a needle in it. It could have hit him. The commissioner of baseball must be outspoken in protecting any players whose lives are in jeopardy.”Oh please. We all know that syringe was thrown by a member of the Bonds on Bonds crew. Barry needed material for another watershed moment in his pursuit of the Emmy for “Best Performance in a Reality Series.”


SHE-HULK HOLDS COURT: Apparently Mr. Bulky decided to tie the knot. Introducing Mrs. Bulky - a.k.a. Jennifer Capriati: