gigged at Gotham Sports Theater in Santa Mo…

gigged at Gotham Sports Theater in Santa Monica for SbB Gig #70.

SbB regular Gregg claimed his 3rd SbB Title (and a new televison) as he outlasted SbB comrades LoDucafan, Nick Mitchell, and Abe Froman in the finals. Gregg also moved into sole possession of all-important second place in the race for Paradise:


1) LoDucafan



3) Nick Mitchell 17

4) Abe Froman

5) USFL Fan 11

The SbB trip for two to the NFL’s Pro Bowl in Hawaii is courtesy Brett at Flight Center. If you’re booking a trip, get your best price quote and then email Brett or call him at (310) 450-6239. He’ll beat your price.

The SbB Girls featured Laurie, Erika, Melissa , Charity and newcomer Heather.

Thanks to Coors Light, Target Stores, EA Sports, ESPN and Kim and the whole gang at Gotham Hall.

BRANDWEEK reports, which ran a racy ad (video) on Fox during last year’s Super Bowl, is "wrangling with ABC to get another, similar ad approved" for Super Bowl XL.

Last year’s ad featured a model "having trouble with the straps of her t-shirt" while testifying before a U.S. Congressional committee. Fox cancelled the ad’s second showing following a complaint by the NFL. Can you imagine a major corporation using softcore porn - with a sports backdrop - on an unsuspecting audience to sell its product? Oh, wait (NSFW!).