The KANSAS CITY STAR takes note of a t-s…

The KANSAS CITY STAR takes note of a t-shirt currently on sale in Boston that has Johnny Damon’s mug on the front. On the back it says: “Looks like Jesus. Acts like Judas. Throws like Mary.


The SbB juggernaut jaunted back to Yankee Doodles sports bar in the San Fernando Valley for SbB Gig #93.

Another generous gathering of Angelenos enjoyed the WWE’s "Backlash" pay-per-view, and then engaged in the frenzied fury that is .

A star-studded cast of SbB’rs watched SbB Hall of Famer LoDucafan claim the evening’s competition - and a Lexmark digital camera and photo printer as his prize - courtesy Best Buy.

The gig also signaled the reappearance of SbB Girls Re-Re and Kim, along with best friends Christine and ravishing SbB rookie Denise. Additonal thanks and promotional consideration to: Best Buy, Pontiac, Sierra Mist and SportingBetUSA, and Rob, Shane and Fabian at Yankee Doodles.

Update by Paul Katcher:
KILL THE KEG? An article on ArmchairGM runs down Eight Mascots That Need to Die, including Keggy the Keg, an unofficial mascot at Dartmouth since 2003.

I’m less worried about the message Keggy sends to kids and more concerned that Dartmouth students, like the one patting Keggy’s six-pack, find it OK to dress like George Steinbrenner in public.