SJSU DANCE TEAM STEAMED SHUT: The San Jose State dance team has been suspended after an amusing confrontation over a sexy on-court peformance by the squad. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports a team dancer, "elderly" booster, and school athletic official were all involved in the altercation.

During a recent San Jose State hoops game, the dance team was performing a routine to the "raunchy lyrics" of LL Cool J’s "Move Somethin." Sample lyrics:

"That thing you do keep me brick, 50 told you bout the ‘Magic Stick‘"

"C’mon, lean on me, I’m in love with this sceneryPoke it out baby stroke it out. Sweat for your man."

"Shake it for daddy, it’s time to ride. Make it sweat ’til it slide."

During the performance, "Ray Silva, 74, a San Jose businessman and major university booster … shouted at the dancers: ‘Trash, that’s trash. Get off the court.‘"

Silva added that he came "unglued" watching the girls’ dancing - and that he was distraught over having left his singles at home. (OK, I made the second part up)

The nature of the routine isn’t exactly surprising, considering the coach of the team, Jenise Mills, is also a "Saberkitten" dancer with the Arena Football League’s San Jose SaberCats. Mills pics:

After the performance, one of the dancers, Tarah DiNardo, confronted the old coot Silva. That prompted John Glass, an associate athletic director, to grab DiNardo’s arm, "apparently bruising it." Dinardo pic:

Dinardo has since hired a lawyer, and may sue the school - which’d be the worst decision by a Dinardo since Gerry (no relation) took the Indiana football job.